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For my Senior Geography Project, Madie and I have chosen to investigate Real Estate Prices and their Value on the Central Coast. We will research different real estate’s around different areas of the Central Coast; Terrigal, Woy Woy, Kariong, Tuggerah and Umina, and place each estate under a category, Three bedroom, one bathroom, one garage in Umina compared to Three bedroom, one bathroom, one garage in Kariong, and use the information collected to find out where the best value for money on houses/apartments/units/flats are around the Coast.
As young adults soon looking to buy a place of our own, both Madie and I have started noticing just how expensive real estate is, and we wanted to know what factors contributed to making some areas around the Central Coast just so costly. The information we collect now will also provide a good reference for when I move out and look for a place of my own.
We both agreed that by comparing prices of real estate on the Central Coast we will be able to look at why some areas are more expensive than others, and find out what is considered when putting a price on a house/apartment/unit/flat.
Both Madie and I will need to investigate and research to answer our focus question to the best of our ability. Gaining background information through research on our chosen 5 areas on the Coast will benefit our understanding of the area and why or why not it is worth the money.
My Partner and I will take an excursion to our 5 chosen areas to find places for sale, see what qualities each place has and find factors that contribute to the price, then by comparing it to similar places in other areas we will assess whether it is the best value for money or not.
We intend to use both Primary and Secondary sources to gain multiple pieces information.
Our primary sources will include; At each location we will find places that fit our categories and take photos of the house/apartment/unit/flat (what quality the house/apartment/unit or flat is in), see what benefits the neighbourhood has around the place (E.g close proximity to a park, only 500 metre walk to Convenience store or short walk to the beach) and ask a few locals to do a short survey (why did you choose to live here? Do you work on the Central Coast? How long have you lived on the Coast? Do you take advantage of the neighbourhood’s facilities?)
Our secondary sources include; using real estate websites to find and compare prices as well as looking at nearby facilities available and colleting possible houses to go visit. We will also use Google to check the locations we are investigating and double check the area with police websites to look at any police reports from any of our chosen areas, so we can make a well informed comparison.
We have chosen to investigate using these methods because we believe that they will offer us with information that can answer our chosen topic question in a way that is truthful and also gives a