Senior Management Essay

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Long Write-up: Greeley Hardcopy-B Finally, the Greeley Hardcopy (GHC) Portable Scanner Initiative got its sponsor that would support its project throughout its research and development phase. This is in the name of Phil Faraci who took over as the General Manager of GHC handling both the Flatbeds and Portable businesses. During the previous phases of research and development of the Portable Scanner, despite being recognized as a very promising product, it faced several challenges in terms of support, budget & focus. For over five years the product did not take off and observed as a very slow-paced development. The pace of the project was so slow that it passed-on from one leadership into another in the organization. Its failure in its …show more content…
Allow me to relate this ambidextrous organization as an approach in creating a new product with my previous experience in the telecommunications industry. The company that I worked with in the Philippines started its business when the telecommunication industry was de-regulated in the Philippines. The company started as fixed line service provider in major parts of the country. Within just few years of its operations, it became the 2nd largest operator in fixed line business. Over the years, it had established a rigid organization with processes in placed to maintain its operations. It underwent many major organizational changes until it reached a rigid and final structure. It had developed its employee to become expert in different parts of the organization. After 6 years of operations, the company received a license to construct, operate and maintain a wireless GSM network throughout the country. The government had mandated the company to launch its service within one year after the award was given. In order to comply with its commitment to launch service within one year, the company, instead of tapping the existing organization, resources and expertise of the fixed line business, had established a new business unit focusing on mobile business, an ambidextrous organization. It created new organizational structure much different from the