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Aaron Linz
Mrs. Small
12 February 2014
Gothic Literature
Topic Proposal: Simply Existing
Essential Question: How dose contemporary media attempt to address society’s growing existential dilemma? What answers have been offered to the question “what is life’s purpose?”
Thesis Statement: Many offspring of today’s media have tasked themselves with answering the ultimate question “What is life’s purpose,” only to find that the individual must search within to find purpose. Since I was little I have had an ongoing existential crisis. I looked so long for society to tell me my purpose until finally i stopped. I realized I would never find answers the way I was looking. I wanted something to tell me this truth that would make perfect sense and I would never question it, but there was no such thing. So much is unknown in this world and I realized that in order to fill this void of meaninglessness, I had to find my own purpose. I also realized that anyone who has struggled with the same issues I had, and now feels content with what they had found must have found something personalized. For example, my mom tells me that after she had me and my siblings, it became here life’s purpose to raise us best she could. I have dissected this concept in my head several times and I feel like I could write endlessly about it. I intend to uses sources that present various personalized versions of life’s purpose as well as sources that criticize life’s meaningless ness. I plan diving deep into philosophical concepts and religious concepts in