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My name is Jesse Medina, I was born on November 5th, 1991, in the city of El Monte, California. My mom is Angelica Mesta, and my dad, Jesse Jose Medina. I’m the middle child of my two sisters, Alina and Enyse. My family moved to Riverside 20 years ago. I grew up in the Sunnyslope area of riverside where I went to elementary school. During these years of grades 1-6, I learned to enjoy some aspects of school like lunchtime, and recess. For most of time though, it was a struggle for me to keep up with homework, and even had a couple of scares that I wouldn't pass to the next grade. Despite these problems I was still able to make many friendships. I was a shy kid It, but it didn't stop me from befriending some of the loud impulsive kids, some of whom were bullies to me and my classmates.
Being able to see what bullying was firsthand in grade school sucked, in that case I was fortunate enough to have supportive parents growing up. They really helped me realize the importance of self worth and security for myself. Some of my favorite activities growing up were playing sports, which I have been involved in since I started walking. From middle school to high school, every year brought new experiences, new friends, new classes, new teachers, and very new feelings toward school. During my time as a 7th and 8th grader, my parents encouraged me to try new things so I signed up for the community football team, the jurupa steelers, and played for 1 season.
Meanwhile also playing percussion in the school band and drumline. In 2003 I started my freshman year of high school and high school football. From freshman year to senior year all I cared about was sports, and hanging with my friends. Academics were always put last, as a result my school prohibited me from playing football and wrestling matches. My only outlet for handling the stress and pressure was drinking heavily with friends to forget about the problems of school. honestly don't even know how I made it to my senior year with how many credits I was behind. By this point my in my life things had started to get rocky in school and home. School had noticed my lack of credits and transferred me to a continuation high school, which I went to for a year, making up a lot of credits. I really screwed up this opportunity to graduate by procrastinating to the max, not to mention I also had an awful case of senioritis, and as a consequence the principal dropped me from school . The reason I didnt go back after getting kicked out was my home situation was a mess, it felt nearly impossible to learn with so much anxiety and uncertainty around. So I did what I could to get by without a diploma. Selling extremely sharp kitchen knives to strangers , and driving hundreds of miles daily transporting cars with. My uncle were the only jobs easily attained. This gave me a new appreciation for education and the freedom it brings to those who pursue it. Now as I reflect on these moments, I realize the importance of a good social environment of family and friends to a developing kid. If it wasn't for the supportive environment i had growing up, the challenges of school would have been a lot more complicated for me. As I grew from a teen to a young adult, the life experience that hit the hardest was my parents divorce; an overwhelming reality to face when no one understands why or whats going on. The depression that followed for the next few years affected me deeply, but overcoming those struggles I gained some powerful insights. No matter the situation, change may not always be easy or planned, but it will always be for the better. Many of these life experiences, good and bad, were important to my personal growth. I look forward to building the creative processes within myself to be a successful human being, living the rest of my life very happily and having many great experiences.

I dedicate this work to my family and friends for pushing me to continue where I left off with my