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Senior Project Advisory Council
2707 Spencerport Road
Spencerport, New York 14559

Dear Members of the Advisory Council:

Ever since I was born, my mother has had a camera strapped to her neck; she is always able to take the most amazing pictures. I currently own a simple point and shoot camera which is not able to take pictures anywhere near the same level. I would like to show that using depth of field and shutter speed can create visually effective pictures of all types. Along with learning to use the camera properly I will also be learning the basics editing of Photoshop Elements. I have no experience in this field other than my simple camera which only has a few preset settings you can use. With my lack of experience in photography and my interest in the field this project will be a challenge but it will be a fun experience.
I plan on presenting my progress in photography in a scrapbook which I have purchased for $3 at a garage sale. I plan on using my mom’s Canon Power Shot S5 IS and possibly her Cannon T3i. The only expenses that this project is going to require is for the scrapbook mentioned above, and $6.98 for a package of photo paper since I will be printing a minimum of three pictures either 8x10 or 5x7 for each technique I learn. I plan on learning a minimum of two techniques over the course of this project. These techniques are using Depth of Field to make the viewer’s eyes focus on the subject of the picture. For example when taking pictures at a zoo you could blur out the fence between you and the animal. The other is using shutter speed to stop or blur moving water to create a smooth picture. By the beginning of November I plan to have an understanding of the settings and be able to use