Senior Project Reflection Essay

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I come to the realization that life will never be easy as it is in high school. This year has been a great and fun year but at the same times stressful. As much as i enjoyed working on my senior project ,With the addition of it to a full schedule of school, work and a personal life, it has been a challenge trying to balance and manage my time. During the previous years, the difficulties were defiantly smaller compared to this year as I was able to focus on just keeping my grades up and also keep up with my personal life. Senior project is seems very stressing and hard However, it is a great feeling knowing that I have been able to accomplish what I set out to do.

Growing in Iran as a Christian Armenian I went to school learning Farsi, Armenian and Arabic. Since it was a rule to wear hijab in
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Throughout this project I really learned to have a passion and heart for Deaf people. WheneverI have the chance i try to interact with them . I feel as though my decision was a good and solid one. It is a difficult language though but i can not believe how far i have come. I am now able to understand what my Deaf professor signs without the need of an interpreter. I am currently in my third course of ASL and i am sure that after high school i want to major in Deaf Studies and work with the amazing community of the Deaf.

My experience with the Senior Project has been long and difficult at times. I feel the most difficult part about the project was completing the research paper; however I was satisfied in knowing that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. This project gave me the opportunity to find something i am very passionate about. I also proved to myself that I can learn a whole new language in almost a year.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio and for taking the time to listen to my senior project