Senior Project Reflection Paper

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My idea for Senior Project is to make my own prom dress. I have never made any type of clothing before in my life and when I have sewn it was to fix minor tears in clothes I already owned. I like the idea of being able to make my own clothing and knowing how to measure people's bodies and make clothing for other people. I have changed my senior project quite a few times so I do not have that much time left it is now February and presentations are in April. I have a senior project mentor already and we have planned to meet every week until presentations so I believe I will be on track and the scheduled visits will help me maintain my interest. On top of that there is no more time for me to change my mind and choose something else I may like. Researching a project on sewing is a big task. I tried multiple times to try the research for myself but I needed someone who knew that they were talking about. I could not do research on what fabrics to use because I had never felt the weight of the fabric or the texture or if it would be difficult to work with or tear easily. When I went to my first meeting with my Senior Project mentor she told me everything I needed to know. She answered all my questions and helped me figure out what fabric would be best for my dress. The only items I need to buy are my fabric, appliques, and a pair of sewing scissors. In …show more content…
However, I will mostly be driving to meet her. To make my dress Kim (my S.P.M) and I have decided to meet once a week, anywhere from 2-4 hours of work will be done each time we meet as well as the time I will be using outside of our meetings to work on what I have learned. The most challenging part for me will be my impatience and frustration when I do not understand something right away. As the months go by toward graduation I see how I need to work on that when it comes to real worlds situations such as