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The learner profile that I believe well describes me is open-mined. I choose this learner profile because I understand and appreciate my own culture or other and personal history, and I am open to the perspective, value and traditions of other individuals and communities. There are a lot of different people from other countries like me in class, and school. I respect them from what they are, their culture. The learner profile that I believe I have grown the most over the past is communicators. As a student who just move last year from another country to United Stated. There are a lot of different things. For me, the first problem is communicated with people. At the beginning, I was able to talk with my teachers and classmates. The thing is I can understand what people say, but I am not able to reply back. After a lot of practice, and especially practice by communicating with people, and friends, I was getting better and better. I had learned a lot since I came here. I had more experience through life and I had more knowledge in school. Here are some evidences.
There varied experience over years be a Seahawk, it shaped me into what I am today. I learned a lot of things past couple years. Summer 2011, when I was in Vietnam, I helped my church to take care of the kids. It was called Bible Camp. Different experience that I’ve been through, I showed my responsibility take care of them. I taught them drawing, and make DIY stuff. I used inquires because I enjoyed what I was learning that summer. It helped me feel confidence to talk to the kids, which I usually didn’t. I used thinker because kids are always hyper and they don’t want to listen, so I tried to find a way that make them follow, and happy with it. I was really enjoyed this experience. The kids were cute and amazing. It was a great experience I had ever had so far!
Last year, when I was in 11th grade, I had an art project. Art is my favorite subject. The project was about drawing your subject and leaved it blank then decorates the outside subject. I had to organize. I made it clean. I was open-minded to create the project, think of creatively, and different patterns. I used risk takers. I explored new idea that I can make a pattern more when it close and less when it far. I had to be really carefully because the project has to use pen to draw. If I draw wrong, there was no way I could fix it. I used my imagination to picture the project on my mind.
This year, 2012-2013, I had to take Chemistry class. Chemistry is the class that