Senior Year Research Paper

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As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to grow up and become a part of the "adult world". Little did I know how hard and soon reality would hit. Since I'm about to be a senior in high school, reality has hit me hard. Suddenly, I have to worry about colleges, scholarships, grades, GPA, teacher recommendations, and so much more. How these years have flown by, I truly don't know. Seems like just yesterday, I was a little kindergartener, living the life. Anyway, now that college has become the topic of the hour, I am pushed to decide what I want to do with my life and college is definitely a part of my future. Every single year that I've spent in Pre-K through 11th grade has worked to prepare me for my last and final year, senior year. Once I complete senior year, that part of my life will be left in the past and I become more independent. …show more content…
I don't want my name in lights or want a star in Hollywood. I just want to make someone feel either better about themselves or about their situation. One thing that I have learned about this world is that no matter how bad you believe your situation to be, there's always someone else at there who is going through something much worse and that belief is something that has kept me going. Through a post-secondary education, I will be able to expand my knowledge of the world and create a better version of myself. A post-secondary education will allow me to be certified to help others feel better about their lives. Of course, I want a post-secondary education in order to gain money, but I want to use the money to assist others such as traveling around the world to help others in any possible way that I can even if it's something as simple as just sitting with them and talking to