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Graduation Speech Rough Draft # 4 Looking back twelve years ago, who would have thought we would come this far? The friends we have made, the teachers we have learned from have molded us into the people we are today. We all started out at different schools, but the last seven years of which we have spent together have been historic. As we grew up we had high hurdles to jump, however, we made it over them because of the relationships we established here in Kennett. We all remember the first day of elementary school as our mothers dressed us in our best outfits and fought back tears as we stepped onto the bus. We were finally the big kids!
Those of us who went to Greenwood remember the reading pit. At New Garden, we played four square and raced outside to be the first in line to play tetherball, where the rules changed everyday. We can never forget Mrs. Dellavalle, a.k.a. grandma, or the fact that Mrs. DeCarlo still remembers all of our names. Also, who could forget the reading pit at Mary D. Lang? No matter what school we went to, those were the simple days we wished we never left behind. Then came middle school where we all joined together to become the class of 2014.
As the years progressed we moved on to bigger and better things such as: our first dance, challenging academics, and the world of school sports. Willy Wonka, Beauty and the Beast, and The Music Man, with Mrs. Uster, were the three amazing musical put on in our time spent there. Most of the girls attended GOLD for the first year and started a new tradition. Our KMS experience came to a close at the Valley Forge field trip, eighth grade formal, and the awards ceremony. Looking back we thought these times were the best of our lives, that was until we hit the high school. Moving from the top of the food chain to the bottom, we all feared the words
“Freshman Friday”. All of a sudden our 4 guidance counselors become our best friends. We