Sense Of Belonging In New Boy By Peter Skrzynecki

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Understanding nourishes belonging ...a lack of understanding prevents it.
Demonstrate how your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing represent this interpretation of belonging
An individual’s understanding is a significant element which nourishes their sense of belonging whilst a lack prevents an individual from establishing a sense of belonging. Belonging refers to the idea of being and feeling included and accepted by individuals, groups or places. Peter Skrzynecki’s collection of poems, the ‘Immigrant Chronicles’ explores the effect understanding has upon achieving a sense of belonging. The idea is further demonstrated by Steph Green’s short film “New Boy’. Both texts use a number of literary and film techniques in order to convey such instance of belonging and alienation
Skrzynecki establishes a sense of belonging to a home and family through the understanding of family routine in his poem ’10 Mary street’. ‘For nineteen years. We departed each morning, shut the house Like a well-oiled lock, Hid the key’ this highlights the regularity of the domestic routine of the family. The length of ‘nineteen years’ exaggerates the tedious and repetitive nature of daily life as well as the level of trust and security provided during this time ..The use of ‘we’ stresses the inclusive and collaborative image of unity forged by the familiarity of daily life. The lock and key imagery enhance the nutritious and caring nature of the house and reinforces the sense of unity and security achieved at the ‘family home’. This demonstrates the significance understanding has in nourishing ones sense of belonging.
In ‘Saint Patrick’s College’ Skrzynecki demonstrates the persona’s lack of appreciation for his school which contributes to his inability to create a connection. ‘The motto on my breast, luceat lux vestra, I thought was a brand of soap’ paradoxically illustrates the personas lack of appreciation for the school motto due to his lack of understanding. The colloquial reference to lux soap indicates the personas innocence as he attempts to interpret the Latin term let the light shine. The humor also serves as a way for which he is able to release his anxiety due to the lack of connection to the school. ‘Like a foreign tourist, uncertain of my destination, Every time I got off’ indicates the personas alienation despite the familiarity of the tedious routine of traveling to school. The Similie of the ‘foreign tourist’ indicates a lack of familiarity and alienation from the school. As such Skrzynecki is able to effectively demonstrates that a lack of understanding prevents an individual in establishing a sense of belonging

In Skrzynecki poem ‘In the Folk Museum’ the poet demonstrates the effects a lack of understanding has on feelings of alienation. ‘I look at words, that describe machinery, clothes….Relics from a Tablelands heritage. To remind me of a past, which isn’t mine’ the lines perceive the personas lack of belonging in the setting of the museum and its surroundings. The persona looks at ‘words’ rather than appreciating the objects themselves suggesting an alienation from the cultural display. The poet’s use of listing of the objects further enhances the personas lack of emotional ties and his disconnection form the museum, objects and ultimately the lifestyle. The enjambment of the last two lines of the stanza ‘To remind me of a past, which isn’t mine’ emphasises the makes the personas lack of belonging due to the uncommon experiences and past. The stanza demonstrates the significance of having a lack of shared experience and understanding in having a sense of loneliness and isolation.
In Steph Green’s short film, new student Joseph’s initial lack of understanding inhibits his achieving of a sense of belonging at the new school. Through the use of camera work the audience is introduced