Sense Of Fear In The Kit-Bag By Algernon Blackwood

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dog could hide there. The fact that the rooms are so big and the furniture inside the rooms are so small, it creates a sense of isolation and that if anything was there, there is nowhere for you to hide. This would make the reader feel trapped, and in danger and therefore creating the sense of fear and horror that Blackwood is trying to create. When comparing this to the Women in Black the same technique is used just in the opposite way instead of using small things they are using the big house, it is effective because when you think of a big house you think of getting lost in bauidchvrifughiofespawofheeijdsofhuerhfdciaxwhfbjucheisjdojv- uhfidckowivhfdvhuerosijdqushfoewjosdjw does Algernon Blackwood create a sense of fear in the Kit-Bag?
Throughout the Kit-Bag by Algernon Blackwood there are many different ways in which a sense of fear is created. In the Kit-Bag Algernon uses the setting, weather, characters and sound to create a sense of fear that strike the reader sharply and make them feel a range of different emotions from fear to confusion to excitement.
Characters and their personalities are crucial to create a sense of horror, this is shown when Algernon Blackwood writes, ‘That white skin with black hair brushed low over the forehead.’ This creates a sense of horror because when the reader, reads the description, they realise that it is related to that of Dracula’s, especially the fact that he has white skin and black hair. Also it is effective because people are usually judged by their eyes, if someone is trying to hide their eyes then it means they are trying to hide their personality and therefor if they are hiding their personality it mustn’t be a good one. It is also effective because it is at the start of the story; this is a good place to put the description because without a description of the characters the reader would not be able to empathise with the character properly. When comparing this technique with the techniques used in Dracula by Bram Stoker, you can also see that character descriptions make suspense and tension especially