Sensory Paper

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Lahey 1
Tyler C Lahey
Professor Fones ENC1101
27 August 2012
Sensory Paper
The waterfall poured gracefully into the ocean colored pool water. The water had a simple light blue glow to it, reflecting anything in it’s viewpoint. The sound of the waterfall gently flowing into the pool was the soundtrack to the scenery. No other sound was as present as the calming trickle of the waterfall sharing it’s water with the pool. A beautiful cloud white foam merged from the bottom of the waterfall, resembling it’s nature brother Niagra Falls. The longer I listened, the more songs of nature began to emerge. The rain had just slowed down to a sprinkle, the raindrops made their way patiently into the pool, such as someone reluctant to get into a cold pool. The rain drops falling into the pool making small impressions resembled a piano being gently played, the keys being softly pressed down, no rush. The pool screen is made to keep Mother Nature’s leaves and debris out, yet the raindrops snuck their way through, merging with the pools ocean blue surface. Behind the pool and down the hill was a lake, mirroring the pool. The lake was nature’s version of a pool, except no boundaries, just never ending plants and trees. The lake had a distinct dark blue hint to it, filled with lily pads. The lily pads in the lake were like a collection of boats sitting at a boat marine. Once again the Lahey 2 raindrops gently fell onto the lake such as they did with the pool. Man made or nature made, many ideas and inventions are still stemmed from nature. Surrounding the lake was an assortment of Pine Trees and Palm Trees of all shapes and sizes. Each one similar to the naked eye, yet unique and important to the diversity of nature’s landscaping. In my peripherals I caught a glimpse of a trio of Sand hill Cranes. They graciously strutted around the lake, such a beautiful bird. Light grey in color, the top of…