Sentara's improvements and innovations Essay

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Sentara’s Innovation that has led to Increased Recruitment and Retention of Patients

AMBA 600 Section 9049
Dr. Susan Malone
June 22, 2014

There are many medical facilities who give their all to care for those in need. Many lives are saved each year due to these medical facilities. Sentara provides innovations to make the transfer of care timely and effective. Comparisons will be made between Sentara and Bon Secours. Just like a hotel, hospitals offer many amenities to suit the needs of the customer. Seeing their differences will showcase the usefulness of Sentara as a prominent healthcare facility.

Most communities have a few hospitals to choose from. The way the hospital presents itself to its patients, is what determines how successful it is within that community. Innovations are important for the recruitment and retention of patients in the health care system. Sentara is one of the main hospitals originated within the Tidewater area in Virginia. Sentara raises awareness through local activities to explore and perpetuate total wellness. This healthcare system is a leader in continuous improvement when it comes to safety in the workplace. They are the only healthcare system in the country to be among the nation's top 10 integrated health care networks for all 15 years of Modern Healthcare's survey. Sentara has provided many upgrades to their healthcare system to provide timely care to patients and ease of payment through the use of electronic systems and software. Several donations are given each year to help lift up the sick in the community. The money invested in Sentara is used to support the surrounding community alike. It is revolving support system that looks to inform and affect the lives of every consumer. These programs are what has Sentara Health Foundation prominent in the Tidewater Area.
Bon Secours Bon Secours was founded in Paris by the Sisters. The mission later moved to service parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and Michigan. Bon Secours Health System is based on the founder’s mission of helping those in need with favor to the poor and dying. Bon Secours uses their outreach to provide healthcare and wellness as part of the healing through the ministry of Jesus Christ (Bon, 2012). At Bon Secours, in the spirit of our founding Sisters, it’s our Mission to treat the whole person — mind, body and spirit (Bon Secours, 2012). This facility has a strong belief that patients heal best when they know that their caregivers care for them spiritually. The strengths of Bon Secours are an excellent electronic medical records system, stroke department, bariatric department and advanced surgical system. These strengths provide appeal for patients within the community.
Sentara is a not-for-profit healthcare system. Sentara health care is in operation of over 100 locations in Virginia as well as northeastern North Carolina. Sentara’s healthcare system is made up of acute care hospitals (10) which include 7 within the Tidewater area, 1 in northern Virginia and 2 in the Blue Ridge region. The health care system is comprised of assisted living centers and nurses on-site, hospices, and outpatient care. The medical staff boasts around 3,680 and three medical groups with 618 providers (, 2012). They envision being the health care system of choice in the communities in which they serve.
Sentara versus Bon Secours
Sentara was given a rating of 91% versus Bon Secours 74% computed from the outcome of the patient surveys based on the consumers experience, staffs professionalism/communication, and the number of common prescribed procedures. The most important to hint on are the patients experience, staff professionalism/communication, and care of patient. A rating of 7.4 out of 10 and 6.4 out of 10 were given to Sentara and Bon Secours respectively for patient