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111/17 cut hand no paper work filled out no accident report given to fill out when asked about it was told we would “deal with it later” I text Claire on 12/17/14 asking her if she had filled anything out as my insurance was billed for my office visit, no response. I called out of work for 11/18 due to a family emergency and text Claire again asking if she received my text the night before, she responded “yes later” I asked her to clarify she said she would fill out the paperwork later.

11/19 talked with Claire expressing my concern with Alex, how I felt uncomfortable working in the kitchen. Talked with her about my concern with sandwiches and salads not being pulled and finding moldy ones. I asked for an 18% increase in my wage due to added responsibility and working the morning shift (3am-12p) I was told Claire would talk with bob the following day

11/20 I messaged Claire on her cell phone asking her if there was any word on my requested raise I apologized because I meant to talk with her in person but was very busy at work and Claire jetted out of the door, I was told “ I am off the clock, lets talk next time”

11/24 Claire came into work today @ 6am and said we would discuss what bob had to say regarding my raise when we both had time. After Claire asked me to clocked off she asked me to go sit with her out in the food court. I led and saw Alex trotting behind Claire, I told Claire I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my wages around Alex as he is not management and I was told Alex is the Kitchen supervisor so he has a say in this. Claire immediately got to the point, saying “you need to be in your position for 90 days before you are eligible for a raise” I told Claire I couldn’t continue to work in the kitchen for 10$ an hour and I was going to have to put my two weeks in. Claire said she understood and asked if she could get my two weeks in writing, I said sure and requested to meet with bob to discuss my concerns expressed to Claire on 11/19. Claire text me saying bob will meet with me on 11/26 at 11am.

11/25 I went to the sandwich bar and found expired sandwiches that were not pulled the day before, I expressed concern with Claire and was told “ I am not sure what to do about this” Alex had worked the day before and I reminded him before I left that they expired sandwiches needed to be pulled at 12p. (I text Claire at 12:25PM today to let her know I rescinded my two week notice)

11/26 Bob here today, Claire, myself and Bob all spoke in the cafeteria area in the airport. I mostly did all of the talking. I mentioned that I felt my review was extremely unfair as it was based solely on my performance in the kitchen and I had only just begun working in the kitchen (my first week working in kitchen began on (11/03/2014) I expressed how I felt uncomfortable working with Alex. My concern with the food and using old meat from expired sandwiches etc and how I felt like everything I made a complaint about him Claire always has an excuse. Bob said that when Claire approached him about my request for a raise he told her it was merit based and my