Sentence: Investment and Largest Emerging Economies Essay

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What are the characteristics of ‘emerging markets’? Justify your answer with reference to relevant examples and literature.

Introduction (100 words) * As developing economies become richer, they seek to contract with the global economy in increasingly complex ways (Mody 2004) * What are these countries? * I am going to focus on the examples to justify the characteristics of emerging markets

Main Body
Brief definition of ‘emerging markets’ (30 words)
Section 1(200 words) * Transitional Economy: What is that?
From a closed economy to an open market economy (Czinkota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova and Marinov 2009) * Give examples to prove this
There are two largest emerging economies are India and China and describe the reasons why these countries need transitional economy (Czinkota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova and Marinov 2009)

Section 2(170 words) * Young & Growing Population
In the developing world, the youth market is just beginning (Banga and Mahajan 2005) * Give examples to prove this:
India and Brazil (Banga and Mahajan 2005)

Section 3(200 words) * Underdeveloped Infrastructure: What is that?
Most of the rural population is inaccessible by motor vehicles, and they lack good sanitation and electricity (Banga and Mahajan 2005)

* Examples:
Transportation networks; Power failures; Clean water and sanitation (Banga and Mahajan 2005)

Section 4(200 words) * Increasing Foreign Investment: What is that?
Developing countries usually see strong foreign direct