Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey Essay

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Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey
H’Linh Kay
American Sentinel University

Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey
A community is defined as a group of people who live in the same area, where they interact with each other and share common interests, beliefs, needs, resources, and environment (Harkness, & DeMarco, 2016, p. 189). The windshield survey is a personal collection of observed data while walking or driving a car or using public transportation in the community. The purpose of this assignment is to complete a virtual experience of Sentinel City. During a tour, the primary focus will assess the core of Sentinel City community environment through windshield survey method, which identifies the community dynamics
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The bus continues toward Nightingale Square community region that has a population of 103,976 with race distribution consisting of 81.3% White and 3.7% Latino. According to Sentinel City demographics data, the median household income for Nightingale Square is $269,550. There are some old building, but majority of them along the street are modern architecture. It has clean appearance compare to the others neighborhoods (e.g. streets, structures). There are some adults, who are walking, jogging, riding their bikes, and playing tennis. The Nightingale Square community has Jo’s grocery, coffee shop, gas station, and health care facilities (e.g. Med care, urgent clinic, dentist).
People on the Street (Parent with Children, Couple, and Disabled Persons)
The bus tour provided some ideas of the different people living in the Sentinel City communities. There were many walkers, joggers, and cyclists on the street. Majority were adults, but not many children with exception of the Industrial Heights Elementary school and some with their parents around the restaurant areas. There were a few people on wheelchairs in front of Med care at emergency of Acer Tech center and in front of Jo’s grocery shop of Nightingale Square community. Additionally, a person using a crutch and wearing an arm sling was seen near the Acer Tech center. There teenagers seen walking near the Casper Park District and Industrial Heights