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Patrick Larsen
Mrs. O’Neill
Brit. Lit.
17 November 2014
Faith in Our Lives Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a person, deity, or object of a religion that is not based on proof. You can have faith in many things. Faith in your team to win the state championship game, faith in yourself to become a multi-millionaire businessman, or above all you can have faith in God. Faith has guided me down many different paths in my life. Some paths were good, and some paths were not so good. But no matter what lay at the end of the path, my faith in God has been strong all the way throughout my life. The first time I really saw or felt God in my life was when I was at the park in my neighborhood in Pensacola, FL playing with my neighbors and my siblings. I do not recall what day it was, but what I do remember was that it was a beautiful summer day with a nice steady breeze which was making the trees sway, and the leaves on the ground rustle around my feet. There was nothing special going on that day, just a normal day at the park playing on the monkey bars and what not. But what you may not know about my park is that around the park was an enormous field of grass and a beautiful forest behind the grass. Coming to the conclusion of our fun play day at the park, I was walking my way towards the forest through the grass admiring my surroundings. Once I reached the tree line I saw a bird up in one of the tallest trees looking down at me. Now at this time I was about five or six years old, so I didn’t really understand the whole idea of God and what not but I was learning about it in my school so it was running through my mind. But once I saw this amazing red bird looking down at me I was thinking about who God was and that he had created nature and that is when I realized that God is all around us all the time in what he has created. Though the bird was first time I really knew God and saw him in my life, the time I have known God the strongest was when my parent’s were fighting when I was in the eighth grade. They were fighting about my Dad’s alcoholic tendencies and how he was destroying my family, but at the time my father was drunk so he was unaware to what damage him and my mom were doing to my brother and I. During my parent’s terrible fight my brothers and I were crying a lot and praying a lot an really had to fend for ourselves for about a week. At the end of the fight my Dad ended up getting a hotel room and not coming back for about a week. For this whole week my mom was a mess and my dad wasn’t there, I prayed more than I have ever prayed in my life within that week of pain and agony for my family and I. In my prayers I had heard God’s voice many times. The sound of his voice was very soothing and really calmed me down when I heard it. Hearing his voice made me really believe that God was real and with me through all my troubles. Though God is always with us he may not be visibly or vocally present to you. Which is why when God is not visually there for me or vocally there for me I look to my Grandma to see God. Though my grandma is not Catholic I still see God with in her whenever I look at her. I see God in my grandma because she will do whatever it takes and sacrifice anything for the good and well being of another person. She will always help someone