Essay about Separation of Powers and Paradise Island

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The city of East Port is a coastal city that is the center of all trade and business on Paradise Island. While right next to the beach the city enjoys a nice climate where weather is almost the same all year. The central government is located in the heart of the city, it is the central location where laws are created and carried out. Many of the factories and industrial companies are located on the outskirts of the city. Many of the houses for citizens are also on the outskirts of the city but located far away from the factories.


The history of Paradise Island starts with British explorers discovering this uninhabited island. The island country was founded in 1887 and the first settlement was named east port village. In the early 1900’s the village under went industrialization, which turned the village into a bustling cities full of financial centers and factories. While under the industrial period in east port city, on the west side of the island military bases were being built for protection of the nation an its citizens. In 1940’s Paradise Island had formed very strong relationships with other countries and has kept peace with them all the way to the present.

The government was established in 1894, and the government refers to a constitution for all the laws in the land. It states all the laws for the country and it also states peoples right with in the country as well. The government is a federal system with three branches an executive, legislative and judicial branch, these branches all have separate powers. With these powers comes a system of checks and balances that keep the power or each branch in check. This government is a representative democracy, where the people elect officials to run the government for them.




Military bases are set up on the west side of the island so there is enough spaces for vehicles and aircraft. The military is there incases there are emergencies in the city or when there is attack on the country. War is avoided at all costs by the government because they want to preserve the peace of their nation. The government will only go to war if they are the receivers of the violence. The military also acts as the police in east port city and enforces laws that are put out by the government.

Religion can be practiced feely with out persecution and also without discrimination. People who do not believe in religion cannot be discriminant towards people who have a religion and people who practice religion cannot be discriminant toward other people’s rights and beliefs. Citizens…