Separation of Powers and United States Essay

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In May of 1785. Fifty five delegates gathered in Philadelphia for a constitutional meeting. The articles of confederation, the old constitution, was just creating major chaos and fear within the people, and wasn’t a very strong government. When they finally wrote the newer constitution it helped prevent tyranny by, federalism, separation of powers, representation of population and checks and balances.
In the constitution, federalism helps prevent tyranny. Federalism splits and divides the power of states and national government. Federalism separates powers which makes it really hard for one branch of government to over rule or take over one. One example of how federalism guards against tyranny is, if one of the branches of the three branches of government would not have complete control of the United States.
Separation of powers helps prevent tyranny by, separation of powers deals with the government being split into three branches; executive, legislative and the judicial branch. They all have the exact same powers. An example would be, If congress made a law that the president does not agree with, he may try over rule the new law.
In 1787, all the states had to reach an agreement in order for the United States Constitution to get approved. How many delegates that each state had depended on the size of the state. Rhode Island and New Hampshire only had one person. Virginia a much larger state had ten. The smaller states were disappointed with this decision. To solve this problem a compromise was