Separation Principle of Drilling Fluids Decanter Centrifuge Essay example

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The mud separation process between solid phase and liquid phase is completed in the roller. Decanter centrifuge separation principle is to use high-speed rotating roller driven into the mud in the high speed rotating drum, mud was dumped into the wall to form a liquid circle, solid phased particles of liquid ring get greater than its own gravity for undreds or even thousands of times the effect of centrifugal force, will overcome the resistance of the slurry viscosity to the roller on the inner wall of rapid subsidence formed solid layer, liquid forming liquid layer.

The desander centrifugal force by solid phase particles of liquid ring and the ratio of its own gravity called desander centrifuge separation factors, the larger desander centrifuge separation factor can separat finer particles from the mud. Currently drilling desander centrifuge can be divided into three types according to the size of the separation factors:

a.Low speed decanter centrifuge:it also called "Barite Recovery of Decanter Centrifuge", the separation factors is 500 ~ 700,for low density of solid phase, the separation point is 6 ~ 10μm.For high density solid phase, the separation point for 4~ 7 μm, the decanter centrifuge is mainly used for recycling barite.

b.Medium-speed decanter centrifuge: the separation factor of about 800, 5 ~ 7 μm, used to remove harmful solid phase of mud, control mud weight and viscosity, this is the drilling crew most used centrifuge resently.

c.High-speed decanter centrifuge: its separation factor is about 1200 ~ 2100, the separation point…