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English 10 H
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Multimodality Project - Macbeth
A brief preface –
Multi = many, multiple
Modality = anything referring to any of the senses (hearing, vision, etc.).
Multimodality project = A project that utilizes more than one of the five senses Create a project in a medium of your choice such as a poster or sculpture presentation. This project should focus on an aspect of Macbeth that you deem important to the telling of the story. Your focus can be an important scene, a literary technique (characterization or figurative language), setting, or a theme. The project will demonstrate a variety of literacy modalities. Examples of modalities are print, images, and writing. These are not the only ones, but your project must include the following: an example from the book between (20 and 30 lines typed out in its entirety), some graphics (picture, drawings, photographs, etc.) and your own writing – an analysis of the aspect of the novel that you decided to focus on (between 300 and 500 words). A part of your grade will include the presentation of your project to the rest of the class. You may choose to read your analysis as part of your presentation or else you may simply explain it the class.

Guidelines: Be sure to
Choose an aspect of Macbeth that you wish to explore for your project (a scene, literary technique, or theme)
Use a variety of literacy modalities that must include, an excerpt (20 to 30 lines), images, and your own writing (analysis of