September 11 Attacks and New York Essay

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The Recovery of Our Nation after 9/11 and How We Retaliated
Our nation was drastically altered after 9/11, and we were forced to take extreme measures in order to retaliate and recapture our national honor. Victims and witnesses of the event were severely traumatized, and all flights were shut down for an extended period of time. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings changed the face of America, and we were not able to recover from such a shock for a long time.
The attack left us emotionally, mentally, and psychologically drained, and many were never able to fully recover from that. When all seemed bleak and desolate, however, baseball came into play, and surprisingly enough, generated such pep and vigor inside Americans that they forgot all about their own misery and depression. “America’s Pastime” helped lift their spirits, and especially during the Yankees’ impressive World Series run, everyone was cheering on the “hated” Yankees. It also helped the Yankees are from New York, which made it seem as if New York was saying to the world, “Come on. I can take anything you throw at me and stay standing.”
While baseball was helping the masses cope with the recent events, then-President Bush launched the “War on Terror,” and mobilized the military forces into action. The executive command shown here differs from past history, as the United States never had a firm stance on eradicating terrorist factions that were attacking innocent people. We occupied many supposed terrorist-harboring countries, and after President Obama came to the fore, were able to find and kill the mastermind of the September 11th attacks – Osama bin Laden. But while the military was off performing daring exploits in Middle Eastern countries, many changes were happening back at home. U.S. airports were undergoing extensive investigation as to how the terrorists were able to sneak past security and onto the flights, and officials found many flaws within the system. To fix that, the Transportation Security Administration was created to revamp the security measures taken to avoid such a disastrous breach. People became so paranoid about traveling on planes that one pilot reportedly carried an axe in the cockpit for defense if someone were to attempt to take control of the aircraft.
Our nation, made up of divided religious sects and diverse ethnic and racial groups, has had a hard time with unity in times of peace. However, after the attacks on that fateful day, citizens from all walks of life were seen supporting and caring for those who were suffering greatly, and people from around the country supported the recovery efforts in New York and elsewhere. Relief workers and donation poured in from the north, south, east