Septic Tank Research Paper

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What To Know About Getting Your Septic Tank Cleaned The First Time

If you own a septic tank, it will need cleaned out sooner or later. If you've never had the work done before, you might not know what to expect. The process is usually quick with little disruption to your yard unless a problem is found with the tank. Here are some things to know about getting your septic tank cleaned out.

Leave The Work To Professionals

About the only job you can do when it comes to cleaning out the tank is to locate the lid. If it's covered in grass, you might need to poke through your yard with a metal rod until you can locate it. If the lid is hidden, talk to the septic tank company about having a riser put on so it's easy to find next time. Don't worry if you can't find the lid. Even if it's hidden, the septic professional can locate it.
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Dangerous gas fumes could flow out and harm you. You might even fall in the tank, which could be fatal. Septic tank work is something that should be left to trained professionals.

The Work Is Done Above Ground

You may wonder how a septic tank is cleaned out. The pumping company uses a truck-mounted system so the truck can stay far away from the tank and not damage it. A hose is dropped into the tank to pull out the waste. The technician might agitate the waste with a tool on a long pole to ensure the sludge is removed from the bottom. It isn't necessary to enter the tank for a routine cleaning. That's only needed if repairs to a crack or similar problem occurs, and then it's necessary to wear full protective gear and a breathing device because of the dangers of working around toxic waste.

You'll Want To Know When To Pump The Tank