Sequence Of Development And Why The Difference Is Important

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Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important.
The difference between sequence of development and rate of development is that the sequenced is known to be in order for example the baby must learn to hold its head up before it learns to sit up by their self. However some parts may be missed not all children crawl and may roll instead to move this may happen such as they may also learn to walk and crawl later on.
The Rate of development is a time frame given for the average development of a child’s expectations at a certain age, for example at one a child has started to walk. All children are unique and learn and develop at their own rate. Rate of development is just a guideline. Many factors such as individual growth, social back rounds, health and nutrition, disability and learning difficulties can have a big effect on rate of development.
When working with a group of children it is important to take into account that some will be average stage , below average and above average and are not the same sequence of development It is important to remember this when planning activities or working close in groups.
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Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.
Personal factors are things that are intrinsic to a child. Personal factors start to effect a child’s development from conception. A number of factors are decided genetically including aspects of health and appearance such as hair colour eye colour and face shape and height. External factors such as poor diet can effect growth. The reason for differences with parents is everyone has unique DNA genetic fingerprints selection of chromosomes the sperm and the egg is random. Identical twins are an exception to the rule in their case as its one fertilised eggs that is spilt into two.
Further personal factors can be during pregnancy and birth infections caught by the mother can affect the development the mother drinking alcohol taking drugs through pregnancy can affect the development as well. If a baby is premature the usual full term development will not be complete and will possible have long term effects. All of the above can cause physical and learning difficulties. Having these issues may affect their school life if they have to miss school playing with friends or family and experiences that contribute to develop will effect this. Children may not have energy or stamina to fully participate in school life.

(022.1) 2.2
Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors.
External factors are when children development is effected from when a child is born onwards.
Living in poverty and deprivation- this can be a stressful time for family’s this could be when there is not enough food to eat or clothes to wear in the winter. This could affect parents/carers mental health and impact on physical health. Poor quality of food or poor housing is a common problem which can lead to lack of opportunities to play safely or impact on learning experiences. This could affect their self-esteem and emotional development.
Family environment and background-This could have a significant impact on a child’s development family’s do their best to feed well and keep safe and give encouragement that they need. Most parents respond well with working partnership and value being involved. They want their child to do well in life and when they start school they help with homework and take interest in events. Taking part in activities will have a positive effect on their development and life outcomes. However it is not always experienced of every child. Carers/parents may have their own personal issues that affect parenting this could include drug or drink abuse, domestic violence, depression or other mental health issues, it is also a sad fact that they may harm their own children.
Personal choices-The