Sequence & Rate of Child Development from Birth to 19 Years Essay

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CT230 1.1 Explain the sequence and Rate of each aspect of development from Birth to 19 years of age

Age Group | Physical Development | Communication Development | Intellectual & learning Development | Social Development | Emotional and Behavioural Development | Birth to 2 mths | * Usually born around 40 weeks gestation * Has swallowing and sucking reflex * Has rooting reflex * Has grasp reflex * Walking or standing reflex * Gaining about 5-7 ounces per week * Growth about 5cms by age 2 months | * Will move their arms and clench their fists if a sudden noise or bright light * Will cry when hungry or distressed * Will stop crying when they hear a familiar voice * Will develop different types of cry | *
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| * Can balance on one foot for a moment * Very dexterous on outdoor play equipment * Can walk on tip toes * Uses the pedals on a tricycle and can steer well * Can walk upstairs one foot on a step like an adult, but Still needs to use both feet on each step to come back down * Can kick a ball with an element of force * Runs around objects with ease | * Can now recite name, whether boy or girl and their age * Can say numbers up to 10 but can only ‘count’ objects up to 3 * Sentences are mainly understandable * Able to hold simple conversations * Holds conversations with self during pretend play * Will regularly ask ‘why?’ * Can sing | * Can thread big beads and build a 9 block tower * May be able to name all colours but often gets blue and green mixed up * Likes to paint but pictures are not recognizable – children will decide what it is when it’s finished * Can hold a pencil properly * Can draw a head for a person (may also be able to add other features) * Can copy a circle, a V, a T and an H | * Can share toys more easily * They are willing for co-operative play * Tidies up after play * Uses a fork and spoon to eat * Will willingly share with others * Can wash own hands but not yet able to dry them properly * Can use the toilet on their own, will need help with buttons, zips etc | * They don’t have any understanding of right and wrong * They can follow simple rules * They may look