Sergeant Major Of The Military

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The purpose of this assignment is to explain the ethical considerations that researchers must consider when conducting research and writing the results of their research.
I retired from the Army after serving 27 years of active duty service and I have seen many occasions where an individual violated or should I say compromised what the average person would deem as a norm or proper standard of behavior. Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) is the top enlisted rank of the enlisted force for the Army. This is a position that one just doesn’t walk into because they are just that good. Some General officer vouched for you and selected you to assume this position. Sadly, a former SMA was court martialed on a variety of charges including sexual harassment and obstruction of justice. He was convicted of the obstruction of justice charge and demoted to the rank of Master Sergeant. At some point, a person outside looking in would question the ethics of a military serviceman considering what happened to one of the top enlisted Soldiers.
Another case that I will bring to your attention is one concerning a 4 star General officer who was accused of spending thousands of dollars on lavish travel and other unauthorized expenses totaling nearly $140,000. The next case is of another 4 star General who was one of the top Commanders and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency who was accused of an affair. Lastly and most recent, a former command sergeant major at Walter Reed Army