Serial Killer Essay

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Jeffery Dahmer
1. Jeffery was 18 years old when he started killing. He would feed them drug-filled alcohol then he strangled them to death. he then would have sex with there corpus, he would also keep the genitals or the skull as souvenirs. It escalated and soon he was drilling into there skulls as they were till alive. He then would dose them with drugs to make them in a zombie like state. After they were death he would cook there flesh and consume it.
2. his motive was power, loneliness, and self-conscious
3. A. All african Americans that are said to gay and younger B. Anyone that was younger and african american C. Jeffery had one younger brother, his parents fought openly and constantly before they divorced, he was also beaten do death in prison
4. Strangling and then he would make them into frankienstin and eat there flesh after they were deceased
5. He would eat there flesh and then he would dispose of his body
6. Alcohol, and partially drugs
7. He had a control issue, and he was very self-conscious
8. Jeffery Dammer was made a murder. He had a very bad control issue. He never felt like he was able to control anything, he couldn’t control anything when his parents were fighting constantly, he could do anything to make them stop. he also felt alone so when he did have people over and it was time for them to leave he couldn’t let go, so he locked them up so they would stay with him forever. he always claimed he didn’t want to be lonely.
Richard Ramirez
1. He was 24 when he killed his first victim. He was an expert burglar by that time. He would sneak into peoples houses, rape and molest, and then he would kill them. He then would proceed to take some of there belongings. it started out as just stealing things then once he became so good at it, started to kill, only with strangling his victims, and making it a short death. it quickly escalated, he then would molest and sexually abuse his victims and either shoot or strangle them. On one victim he gauge her eyes out and placed them in her jewelry box. On another victim he carved the pentagram into her leg.
2. i believe he was possessed by demons, and he obeyed and did what ever the demons said to do.
3. A. He didn’t have any particular victim, he would kill men, women, children, young and old. B. Varied, anyone that was in his way. C. People called him the “Night Stalker,” as he would stalk them as prey. When he was 13, his cousin came home from the military. He idolized his cousin, he would tell richard in vivid detail about all…