Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski Essay

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Instructor: Mr. Kowalski
Student: Jonathan Beale
Subject: Richard Kuklinski AKA The Ice Man

Richard Kuklinski in my opinion was a serial killer. Due to the abuse he received not just from his parents but also his neighbors and classmates this would be used as an excuse for why Richard did what he did. Richard upbringing was not like so many ordinary families where both parents lived in the house and both was involved in the child’s life, and there main focus was the best interest of the child. Richards’s parents were involved in his upbringing but in a way that caused him to lose a part of humanism which will cause harm to so many people. Because of the abuse his
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Not far from the station was an orphan home that housed Richard’s mother Anna where she grew up. Because of the horrible things in life, Anna lost her father to Pneumonia and her mother in a traffic accident so she was forced to be raised in the orphan. Richard Father Stanley and Mother Anna married at a very young age and Stanley liked to drink and when he became drunk he became short – tempered and downright mean. Anna would soon discover that she married a jealous, possessive tyrant who would beat her as if she was a man for the slightest era that she committed. One thing that bothers Anna when she married Stanley was she was not a virgin. While at the orphan she was raped by a priest over and over again and Stanley would accuse her of being a whore. Anna and Stanley would end up having four children one which became the Grim Reaper and one that was murdered at the hands of Stanley and witnessed by Richard. As Richard grew up all he wanted to do is please his father but it was no pleasing him. He drank after he got off work, came home beat up his wife, and then would force himself inside her and have sex with her even if she didn’t want to have sex, and then beat the children for no apparent reason. Over the years the abuse got worse and Richard watch his father knock out his brother several times and he even was knocked out cold several times. What was the reason? To keep them from getting in trouble