Serial Killers: The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer is one of the most famous serial killers in the history of the United States. He is responsible for at least five murders in the Northern California area between the years of 1969 and 1974. Despite his national fame, the Zodiac was never caught. The identity of the Zodiac Killer remains a mystery to this day. The Zodiac Killer is infamous for his many unsolved cases and unusual and rather precise modis operandi, or “a distinct pattern or operation that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime” (Merriam-Webster).
The first attack by the Zodiac took place on the night of December 20th, 1968. The two victims, David Faraday, age 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, age 16, were a couple on a date when they
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Enclosed in the letter was a bloody piece of Stine’s shirt. The letter ended with the writer expressing his desire to slaughter a bus full of school children. At this point, witnesses were able to contribute enough information to make a composite sketch of the suspect. The taunting letters continued, containing more codes and ciphers. They also said there had been more murders and teased the authorities for not catching …show more content…
The on-going investigation continued. However, possible past homicides by the Zodiac include Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, shot in 1963 close to Santa Barbara, California. Another possible victim of the Zodiac is Cheri Jo Bates, stabbed in 1966 in Riverside, California.
Despite a plethora of compiled evidence against the Zodiac, nobody has been tried or incarcerated for the murders. The identity of the Zodiac killer is unknown to this day, and is still a mystery. However, possible suspects include Ted Kacznyski, Charles Manson, Arthur Leigh Allen, and Ear Van Best Jr.
The Zodiac killer was able to shock the nation, take lives, and make threats all without being caught. Families of his victims never got the closure they deserved so as to watch someone be persecuted for the death of their loved ones. The Zodiac murders may always remain a mystery, and for now everyone will just have to wonder about who could’ve possibly done those