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Kemper Hopwood
The Doctor of the Church
Saint Teresa of Avila is the saint that I chose to talk about. Her birth date was March 28th and her feast day is October 15th. She was born during the protestant reformation and died years after the council of Trent. Her struggles were that she was a woman during the times of men. She wrote about prayer and discipline. She was wise, courageous, intelligent, persistent, caring, and filled with the Holy Spirit. All these qualities made her the great reformer that she was. She was connected to the sacraments of Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. This is shown through her life being dedicated to reforming the church and healing. She is connected with Acts of the Apostles because she like acts is very dedicated to missionary work and the transitioning of the church. She spent much of her time to reform the church. She was called the Doctor of the Church.
Romans 8:22-27:”We ourselves have the first fruits of the Spirits” this means that the spirits for us so we should take advantage of that. “The spirit comes to the aid of our weakness. For we do not know how to pray as ought expect through the spirit.” This is saying that without the spirit we can’t truly pray, but in the spirit we can be saved. “For in hope we are saved” it is through this passage that the only way to be saved is through faith in the Holy Spirit. This connects with Saint Teresa through her belief that the people are what have the Holy Spirit. This idea is shown through her constant reform of the church throughout her life.
Psalms 19: 8,9,10,11: “The commands of the lord are radiant” “The fear of the lord is pure” “The decrees of the lord are firm” “Much more precious than gold” “In keeping then is a great reward”
These passages are about how the Lord is fair, righteous, trustworthy, and his commands bring prosperity. Following the words of the Lord brings rewards greater than any earthly desire. Saint Teresa believed in a simple lifestyle and lived a life of compassion, listening, and suffering.
Luke 22: 24-30: “Who is greater, the one who