Serrusalmus Essay

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A mental disorder is a psychological condition that causes an individual to have disabilities in life. A mental disorder can be really hard to recognizes and imagine, how can people suffer from a disorder that cannot be proven medically? Marjorie suffers from a mental decease that hinders her to cope with other people and life in general. People like Marjorie tend to have very few interests, which they really care about; Marjorie’s big interest is fishes. What happens if somebody touches her precious fishes? Would she tolerate that?
Serrusalmus written by Lesley Glaister, is about a lady, who is cut off from reality due to her illness. She suffers from a decease called Agoraphobia which is an anxiety disorder, which involve
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The episode must have turned Marjorie’s natural instincts on. We all have a duality inside our brain, sometimes we just need to let off some steam. Marjorie has suppressed this dark side of the mind throughout her whole life and therefore the reaction is overwhelming to us. When Mick kills her fish it is the straw that breaks the camel's back. The fishes symbolises protection and harmony for her, her relationship to the fishes are just like a relationship to a family. Marjorie’s Id is finally dominating and therefore she intoxicates Mick so he becomes unconscious. Marjorie lets Ruff eat Mick’s hands to the bones, by doing this she lets off her steam. After the episode Marjorie says that his hand looked bad, but in my opinion she doesn’t realizes that it is her that is to blame for the inflicted pain. Afterwards she serves coffee for two, in the hopes of Mick returning.
The text ends very tragically in one way because Mick probably dies from anemia. But on the other hand Marjorie finally ends the circle by letting her favorite fish eat his arm. Marjorie’s personality develops from being a very fragile and passive person to being a predator like her fish. The story is very sad in my opinion it shows us how little a mentally ill person needs to be pushed to commit a horrible crime. Instead of helping Marjorie she is kept all by herself. And who wouldn’t be driven to madness if they never got some fresh air? The story shows us that we must