Research Paper On Self And Servant Leadership

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Self and Servant Leadership
In essence, self-leadership the process of influencing oneself to intentionally achieve his or her objectives whilst positively influencing individuals in the surrounding community. When one implements upon self-leadership, he or she must take into consideration what they will do, in any given situation, what sentiment they will endure in order to ensure that they can achieve what they are considering and thinking about, hence motivation and passion, and lastly, how they will act out in order to accomplish his or her goal. In brief terms, self-leadership should be, and usually is, employed all the time. Not to mention, it should be used with the intention to persist and persevere in any situation, even in those which face adversity. Personally, I utilize self-leadership on a daily basis. It is necessary for me to adopt self-leadership simply because I have then gained the ability to not only improve and enhance my leadership skills, but also, as the definition states, influence those surrounding me and, in a way, persuade them to take on self-leadership.
Servant Leadership:
Servant leadership is fundamentally the process of serving others before oneself. The term, or phrase, may seem somewhat contradictory in the sense that a servant is usually an individual who follows the commands of the leader; a servant is usually not the one who leads others. However, the term “servant-leader,” or “servant leadership,” was actually coined by Robert Greenleaf, and he defined the servant-leader as one who is servant first, hence has the natural feeling to