Servant Leadership Report

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My style of leadership is best described as servant leadership. Within my school, community, family and job, there is nothing asked of me, or that I ask of other people, that I would not do myself. I believe this leadership style is exceedingly effective. It is far more effective for a servant leader to lead by working as an integral part of the team. This demonstrates to those who are being led, their leader is the type of leader who is not afraid to let their hands become dirty. This style further exposes a leader who is diligent, respectful of others, and lacks a feeling of superiority directed to those whom he leads. This not only creates a team who works with efficiency, but also creates a workspace that is amicable, open, caring, sincere, and unpretentious. As this philosophy translates into my spheres of influence, those …show more content…
As I was captain of my soccer team, I certainly was not the best player on the field. However, I was one of the most tenacious players, exerting all I had each time I took the field. This created an environment of community, friendship, dedication, commitment, and effective teamwork. I am fully convinced that this came as a direct result of the other players seeing their captain on the field, working just as hard as they were while expecting the same result from everyone.
I was able to demonstrate servant leadership at the age of fifteen, and again at sixteen, as the head coach of a baseball team for children who were five and six years old. In reality, I was closer to the age of my kids that I coached than I was to their parents. However, despite the significant difference in age this did not inhibit me from exhibiting the type of leadership I knew would work best. There were some challenges, especially as it pertained to parents attitudes as they believed their kid was playing for the New York Yankees, not the local baseball league. Though