Car Dealerships And Cars: The Selected Services And Products For Identifying Process Design Approachs

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Car dealerships and cars are the selected services and products for identifying process design approaches. There are three contrasting approaches for service and they are: self-service, product line approach, and the personal attention approach (Larson & Gray, 2006).

Product Line Approach within a car dealership deals with the efficiency of production services. In this approach, the company controls the execution of each outlet in order to ensure rapid financing and or purchasing of a quality safe service. (Chase, et al. 2006). This approach will be helpful for car dealerships because through this the company will be able to deliver good quality services to the customers. 

Self-service Approach: This approach includes customers in the production of services to help enhanced the efficiency of services. This design approach will also be supportive for the customers because it allow one to have input on how car dealerships handle issues in the office and online. Car dealerships deal with customers that say they are just looking versus if they really want to purchase a car, financing, and paperwork issues. People now a days go to the internet first. A down side to visiting a show room is because 88% of customers said they received a lousy presentation and demonstration, and 85% of consumers say their salesperson did not control the sales process or build any rapport or interviewed their sales person. (Dealers Refresh, 2015). Customers that use the self- service approach are mostly the customers that are on line and this does help dealerships focus on the delivery of effective and efficient services in shorter period of time. The personal Attention Approach emphasizes the development of a relationship between customers and the sales person to ensure effective customer services. “According to Dealer Refresh, 78% of customers that visit a showroom buy a vehicle, 38% of customers purchase a car within 4 hours of visiting their first dealership. (Dealer Refresh, 2015). The use of this approach helps build support and loyalty from the company and the customer. Just like services a product has its own design processes for management and they are: job shop, batch production, assembly line and continuous flow. In the Job shop process task to be completed are handle either by a group of workers or a single worker.
In batch production the