Service Concept Profiling Essay

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MGT 3160 - Services Management

Done By: Rahul Khanchandani
Submission Date: 11th December 2012
Lecturer: Mrs. Neelofer Mashod

Word Count: 2,478 Words Service Concept | Pages 3-5 | Service Concept Profiling | Pages 6-7 | SERVQUAL Model | Pages 8-9 | Conclusion | Page 10 |

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Service Concept:
People buy different kinds of services from different companies to fulfill their wants/needs. Example: A customer buys a flight ticket of Emirates which routes to London. Not only does the customer buy his/her transportation method to London, they buy a concept. They buy comfortable
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Keeping in mind about the Market and the customers, The Organization can evolve its Service Concept, which creates an understanding for the customer. Even though Service Concept plays a major role in Organizations, It has some Drawbacks. Services are now becoming similar, as it becomes easy for Organizations to copy one’s Products and Services and then compete with Organizations with the help of Service Concept that tells the customer about the Service being offered by the company. Many times, Word-of-mouth plays an important role in creating a limitation for the Service Concept. Customers tend to judge the Service concept by the statement made by Marketing managers of an organization, through direct and indirect marketing (Johnston and Clark, 2008). Organizations have succeeded in outlining their Service Concept to customers, but there are times where the Service Concept does not match the expectations of the customers. This creates tension between the staff of the organization and they feel agitated as they are not able to deliver the service as expected by their customers.

Service Concept Profiling Tool:
Due to intense competition in the market, Organizations should match their Service Concept with the expectations of their customers, and they can do so evaluating where their Service Concept is, and where they plan their Service Concept to be. This can be done by using the Service Concept