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Chapter 4
Place yourself in the position of general manager of service department. How might formally written job requirements help you manager your work unit? Having a written job description can cut back on confusion, can create goals for the work unit and help to Classify and reclassifying positions with in the current work unit. By designing and implementing effective classification by maintaining a written job description I would be able to give my work unit a guideline that they can follow on a day to day basis to ensure that we produce the best product possible.

Discuss the various methods by which job analysis can be completed. Compare and contrast these methods, noting the pros and cons of each.Various methods of job analysis
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Project Teams- A team that works on developing sales leads
Self-Directed Teams- A self-directed team defines its own goals. While the self-management team is independent, the team members are interdependent. The team is self-regulating, operating with few external controls. Team members determine schedules, procedures and the need to make adjustments. Self-management teams are used in different work environments, including manufacturing, service industries, professional services and virtual environments. Effective self-management team models are appropriate for the type of work performed, the workplace environment and the structure of the business.
Task Force Teams-a team working together to determine better ways to spend/budget company finances.
Process-Improvement Teams-a team working together to come up with more effective ways to get work accomplished.

As a small business employee explain how nontraditional work schedules might make it easier for you to recruit employees. Offering nontraditional benefits would be great for a small business and its employees as long as we came make them optional. Prospective employees will see the benefits, and old employees will enjoy the upgrade. This lets the workers know that you want them to be successful in all aspects of their lives, and that you are an employer that strives to create a good atmosphere