Service Dogs Research Paper

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Service Dogs

Service dogs are more effective than people realize. A service dog is specially trained to help provide services to people with disabilities. These disabilities include mental, physical and emotional issues. The dogs provide assistance to these people throughout their daily lives, at home,work,and schools. Service dogs have a huge impact on many individual’s lives and helps them improve the quality of life and their daily activities.
Service dogs help people with all kinds of disabilities. The dogs are specially trained to help do a lot of tasks for people. For example,they can be trained to work with people who use power or manual wheelchairs, have balance issues, have various types of autism, need seizure alert or response,
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There are guide dogs for the blind and vision impaired,hearing dogs for the deaf and service dogs for other physical disabilities. Individuals who are blind or deaf or have physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy, need help with nearly all their daily activities.(Ex. crossing street, opening doors, etc.). “Seizure alert dogs can tell from a human body sent when a seizure is imminent and they alert person’s nearby”(Davis 2016). These special service dogs have to show special ability to even sense a seizure in person and then the dogs are trained. So, when these service dogs help people with physical disabilities, the people do not have to worry about someone not being there to help them because they have their trained …show more content…
Often “kids with autism do not always readily engage well with others, but if there is a pet that the child has bonded with and a peer starts asking about the pet, the child may be more likely to respond.” (NewsRx Health, 2015). Having a service dog at school helps the child with autism respond and interact more with others because most kids love dogs. Some schools allow service dogs and other schools deny service dogs due to “teachers or students having dog allergies or phobias.” (Orange County Register, 2010). “School district officials would examine the dog’s training, his trainer’s credentials, and how the dog would affect the student’s educational process.” (Orange County Register, 2010). It is difficult for the child with autism and families not to be able to have the dog at school if the child is used to the support of the dog. However, the school district has to protect all students and staff in schools. Families thinking about getting a service dog needs to research what their school districts