Questions On Service Learning

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1. Where are you planning to do your service learning? Be specific and list for what organization(s) or event(s) you will be working. Account for the full ten hours which can be done with one organization or split between different opportunities (5 points).
I am planning to do my service learning with ……and the ….. 2. What are you planning to do for your service learning? What will be your specific project for your ten hours? If you are working for two different places, please detail what you will be doing for each organization (100-200 words) (10 points).
With ……, my mission is to help clean a portion of the trail and one primitive campsite for recreational use by the public, while with the ……, my mission will be to help plant, clean, and maintain it. 3. What is your schedule for working for your service learning hours? Please give specific details as to what times and dates you will be working for your project (5 points).
I am still working with Brenda ..... on the dates for ….. because the one she email me were on Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st from 8-1pm which is during two of our classes, as for the food forest, I can participate every Fridays from 8-1pm. Brenda is looking to accommodate our needs and set the dates to May 30th and June 13th and I figured that I’ll just use the June 13th date as extra. 4. Who is your supervisor for your service learning? What is their name? (5 points)
For ….. it is Brenda …. and for the ….., it is simon 5. What is the contact information for your supervisor? Please include email and telephone number (5 points).
6. How does this project relate to University Colloquium and the course goals (see syllabus)? Be specific and include at least two examples from the course experiences, activities and/or readings (100-200 words) (10 points).
The goal of this project along with the university course curriculum are to help us as the students develop a sense of place and help us understand the ecological features of the environment of which we are part of. A lot of people live in Florida but I guarantee you that a lot of them don’t even know what is in their back yards, I for one am one of those people, so it’s important for me to start. The goal of this project is also to help us develop a commitment to community