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My community service project(s) 2013/2014

For my community service project I would take joy in helping a local church with 'Kids night' events. The church isn’t in a terrible situation with service and helpers, but of course you can never have enough help towards non profit organizations or clubs that succor people whether its for needs or entertainment. I will be volunteering at Avalon Church under supervision from Dominick Mashburn. Hes not the pastor but the manager of the church and highly recognized. I will be participating in movie nights and cleaning up the church. Also I would be head of the popcorn machine, distributing popcorn and soft drinks to local children we help that cant afford items like these. For my project(s) I will be helping out, or leading, childrens movie night, During the event local children that may not have the option to watch the movies, eat popcorn and soft drinks on free time, can. I will also be helping cleaning the church, since the staff doesn’t hire janitors, I can clean the church without wasting the churches funds. Since the project will be at the church, most likely there will be other helpers and adults to administrate the event. The events will be hosted for free locals, at The Avalon Baptist Church across the street from publix in Avalon. While these projects are occurring Dominick Mashburn will be supervising or seeing the projects through. Local students, less fortunate kids and maybe just children that are bored, looking to make new friends through Christ, will attend the events. Last time I helped out with these types of events (three years ago), around 30-40 kids all under the age of 10 showed up. I feel that with just holding movie events for children it can really affect them. When I was there to help out a few years ago, some of the kids that where there, said that that was one of there first time watching movies, and it was really fun for them, because its in a friendly environment where everyone can get along and enjoy each others company. It can make those kids really happy to just be there free of charge enjoying them selves. No pass or ticket, doors open movie night, that we later introduce ourselves. I plan to gain more experience with helping kids, and learn that even the smallest things can make anyones day. Academic wise, before and after the events there will be service fro those that want to listen, meaning that we express religion through service so they can learn about Jesus, strengthen there relationship with him, and enjoy them selves. For me,