Service Learning Project: Habitat For Humanity

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Terra Rosten
Political Science 101-3813
Kristen Huycuk

Service Learning Project Reflection Journal

Journal entry 1: My goal for this service learning project is to make a difference in people lives while I was volunteering. I decided to go through Habitat For Humanity for my Service Learning Project because I know that Habitat for Humanity does a lot for the community such as building houses for the less fortunate. My experience in establishing my role in the service learning project was a little more difficult than I had imagined it being. I tried several times by phone and email to get a hold of Habitat For Humanity, It wasn't until about a month later that I finally received an email telling me what
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Habitat for Humanity is a non profit and non government organization that was founded in 1976. Habitat For Humanity is considered a Christian housing ministry. The headquarters for Habitat For Humanity are located in Georgia and the operational headquarters are located in Atlanta. Habitat For Humanity has offices located all over the world including The United States, Canada, Africa, The Middle East and The Caribbean. Habitat For Humanity assists people by building houses, fundraising, and offering mortgage assistance. The mission statement for Habitat For Humanity is “Seeking to put Gods love into action.” “Habitat For Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.” The homes are built by volunteers and Habitat for Humanity doesn't receive any profit of the sales, however outside of The United States Habitat For Humanity charges interest to protect against inflation. …show more content…
It was an honor to volunteer at Habitat For Humanity and I do plan on volunteering in the future and assisting with more homes being built. Volunteering at The Resale store was a fun experience because the team that they have make the most of the time that they are there. I would definitely recommend volunteering either at Temecula Resale or directly building the homes, Habitat For Humanity is a great organization to volunteer