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Glushko, Tabas, Gklushko discuss the service experience as being largely focused on the interactions between employees and customers the perspective of the experience is determined during the encounter which takes place front stage, however you shouldn’t discount the backstage activities which contribute to the overall experience.
Determining Service Quality, services the quality of service is determined in the encounter at the moment of truth when the service is delivered, in face to face serviced this quality occurs during delivery, the interaction of the customer and contact personnel, this is when the customer is making a indelible impression of the firm, the quality is determined on what the customer expects and perceived impression.
So how can determine service quality in regards to technology;
There has been a vast increase in online driven consumer self-service applications
Technology is present in almost every aspect of service provision it can now support current tasks and help develop new tasks, it plays an integral role in front and back stage interactions and processes. The emergence of technology has enabled the development of the multi-interface, which has developed ‘service’ which ultimately satisfy the consumer’s experience.
An example of a changing service provider is banking. Managing our money results in the dynamic interplay between channels. There are many possible places which you can achieve your tasks;
Local Branch
Phone Banking
Home Computer
Each of these channels will be convenient in different situations. For example the mobile platform can be used to easily check account balances. However, you might find it easier to use a home computer to pay bills.
It is evident that technology needs to be accessible via many different users’ faces. “Any place at which a company seeks to manage a relationship with a customer” this could be face to face, technological, or a mix of both. Development of mobile technology has seen a range of new offerings been established such as on the spot transfers (Kaching – CBA, GoMoney – ANZ), they allow users to transfer money via mobile.
Our example we will be assessing the service