Services Business Uses Cloud-Based CRM To Boost Sales Management And Efficiency

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Services Business Uses Cloud-Based CRM to Boost Sales Management and Efficiency

Express Vending is a United Kingdom supplier of premium-quality coffee and refreshment vending machine solutions.

Before, the express vending machine was using an old outdate system call Goldmine through which the information was becoming unreliable and difficult to keep track of. Also, the company was using a spreadsheet to keep track on the customer order which was not so accurate for some orders. The express vending manager wanted to have a streamline database which customers and managers could keep track of on the system by a smartphone. Moreover, they wanted a reliable database for them to access and reduce the confusion.
A key challenge for Express Vending was creating a CRM system that improved customer service by having up-to-date records on customers and prospect accounts. It also wanted to help its salespeople by making account information easily accessible. In addition, the new system needed to be used by managers to analyze sales.

Roger Collins, Managing director of the CRM business, has suggested the Express Vending to demonstrate on the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Because it seemed to fulfill all that the company needed. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales teams become prepared and insightful, collaborative, connected, quick , mobile and highly productive.

CRM Features:
Be instantly productive with on-demand, customizable reports.
Keep your entire team informed with automatic e-mail alerts, notifications, and reminders.
Work productively and collaborate faster on projects with 24/7 web-based access
Create and access data anywhere with Quick Base’s instantly mobile interface.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed the management response to the sale's team and provided accurate and efficient information to clients.
Better Visibility: now the team management has been increasing more activities, they