My Serving Of Life

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My Serving of Life

you have to prepare it use all the right ingredients cook it at the perfect temp fill it with love savor it enjoy it but it will always come to an end

Although something as simple as a can of soup and something so complex as life would never be put in a similar catagory, they both show how love, caution, precision, and enjoyment can turn into a masterpiece. As you sit there and imagine how in the world could soup every relate to a persons life, you need to picture how you need the perfect ingredients like love, family, friends, and memories can make the most amazing life. Just like how specific spices, appropriate temperature, and time to cook can create the perfect soup. Yet soup is a generally warm food that is made by combining ingredients such as meat and vegetables with stock, juice, water, or another liquid, it is a food that people could not live without. Which is just another way as to how it relates to life, we as people need food to survive.

As I was pondering all the ways a can of soup could be related to life i began to imagine that I was brewing a pot of soup along with a helping serving of life as well. Just as you need to prepare ripe, hardy, delicious ingredients to make homemade soup, you must do the same to make your self a memorable and cherished life. In both cases you need to start out with a good base. On one end you could begin cooking a broth, while on the other you could start by teaching your children good morals