Taking A Look At Hebrew Healthcare

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Hebrew Healthcare has a very strict guideline when it comes to overtime. They have in place a policy that everyone who works for Hebrew Healthcare must followed. Hebrew Healthcare is not big on overtime, but they will allow it to a certain extent. The first thing that employees must do is having the overtime approved by the department head. The only department that really uses the most overtime is the Nursing Department. They use it the most because the nurses provide the level of care that the time is needed to do so. Overtime for Hebrew Healthcare is anything over 40 hours. Once they are approved for the overtime, they receive time and a half for any hours that are over the mandatory 40 hours. Since the budget cuts, all non-exempt level staff hours were reduced to 37.5 hours from 40 hours in 2009. That also means if they worked over the 37.5 hours they will not get overtime until they reach over 40 hours. In the Nursing staff in the department receives shift differentials for working off shits. That means that they get about 15% additional to their normal hourly rate. This only applies to nurses who work second and third shifts. Also the shift differential is for nurses who work on weekends as well.

F.) The HR department at Hebrew Healthcare conducts annual salary surveys for each of its affiliates and purchases the results so that salaries can be adjusted. They do this because they want to be competitive to other competitors around the surrounding market. An