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Ruby Contreras
Group Communication
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Group Experience
February 4, 2013

A group experience that exceeded my expectations happened in the beginning of my second semester at Kean University. The class was not at active with each other and when the professor said we were going to do a group project, everyone groaned. Consequentially, no one likes to do group projects most likely because of a previous experience. This looked like a disaster already and the groups weren’t even assigned yet. Once the professor explained what we had to do it was not as difficult as most people thought. The group meetings and to set up for a presentation became a problem because everyone had different schedules. When leaving the class, everyone mumbled under their breath how much it was going to be a problem for many people to get a good grade on the project. I noticed the negativity of it all was going to make a great impact on the final resort. To my surprise I actually enjoyed connecting with the people in my group. In the beginning, my group and I only discussed what the project was on instead of what usually happens, conversations get off topic. Once we got comfortable with each other, we started not to even discuss what was going on with the project but actually making conversations with each other. Not only was my group getting along fine, but when the professor dedicated a whole class to see the progress of the group projects, you could tell the difference and