Sethe's Guilt In Beloved

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reasoning for murdering her, and this led to a destructive ending like Morrison novels we have read in the course of the semester.
In Chapter 26, Sethe’s love for Beloved begins to harm her. However, Sethe's guilt prompts Beloved to become a needy and demanding child. Nothing, Sethe ever did was enough for Beloved–she just demands more from her mother. As Beloveds power over Sethe grew stronger Sethe began to grow weaker. Weak as though she was back working as a slave. The bigger Beloved (the master) got, the smaller Sethe became. The brighter Beloved's eyes became the more those eyes that used never to look away became slits of sleeplessness (Morrison, 294-295). Denver and Sethe's mother, Baby Suggs began noticed that her mother's distress
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Beloved was beginning to take the life Sethe had away from her. They were just beginning to feel free from Slavery and Beloved was acting as she claimed ownership or the connection with Sethe. We know from the novel, Sethe Suffered form emotional trauma that was emotionally scaring. Sethe at that time knew that killing her child was for the right, because it was for the act of love not abandonment, which was not the way Beloved perceived Sethes actions. This is what angered Beloved. We can infer, that Sethe knows the true meaning of love. Sethe knew that death was better than a life in slavery. This was an act of protection not abandonment. She sacrificed everything for her children. The act of killing her child out of love, the mother loses herself in that process and that was the chance she was willing to risk (Morrison, 284). We also, see how Sethes emotional damage came when she lost her breast milk. It destroyed her, Sethe could …show more content…
They realized that Beloveds love was more than what anyone had ever intended. Denver started to become very protective over her mother, questioning every step Beloved took. Which made Beloved angry that Denver was stealing “the prey” right back from her. Beloved looked at Denver as the enemy because in the end, Sethe did not have to make the emotional decision like how she had to make with her third child. There is a significance in this. Beloved was thinking why her. Why was she the one who was murdered. She never understood the sacrifice her mother took for her. Beloved also, did not understand that Denver was trying to save her mother. Their mother who has fought everything for them to get out of slavery and be free for