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Setting Goals to Obtain My BA, Business Degree and Cosmetology License

They are four stages used in the creative process steps when attempting to resolve an issue. These four stages include challenges, identifying the actual problem, investigating the problem, and finding solutions. My personal challenge has been completing my BA, Business Management Degree. I will share with you how I procrastination had an impact on my decision to remain focus and accomplish my degree. I share with you my dedication and determination of accomplishing my goals and how I accomplish short term and long term goals, which allow me to be 90% completed in obtaining my degree. It was not an easy road and at times I felt discouraged, stressed out, and contemplated several times to give up. However, I am strong willed and determined and with the support system of my family and close friends I and 15 credits shy of achieving my degree. Throughout my paper I will share with you my ups and downs and how I was able to stay focus in achieving my goal. The first stage used in creative process is seeking your challenges. Within this process individuals become familiar to habits which allow them to seek their challenges. However at times these challenges we face are obvious and we don’t have to search for them. Other times challenges may be an opportunities for us to change certain situations or issues by improving them. Based on the past two years of my life I have been working on improving myself and different challenges I encounter. The second stage of the creative process is identifying the actual issue. Within this process the issue or problem is expressed in order to discover ideas that will help in resolving the issue or problem. Sometime this process causes us to be one sided and focusing on only one portion of the issue. Compared to being open minded and it also allows us to view the potential issue from both sides’ verses focusing one perspective of the particular problem. By being open minded it will allow us to pin point all issues verses one issue. Within the third issue of the creative thinking process it is having the ability to investigate the issue. There are different approaches to achieve that can be done within this process. This can be done by using past experiences, completing research, or observations just to name a few. An example would be to overview the potential issue and base on prior experiences and observations new tactics and new ideas can be formed pertaining to the specific issue in order to solve the problem. As per Ruggiero this stage is a guide to help individuals decide what actions are necessary or what solutions should be chosen (Ruggiero, 2009). The last creative process is the ability to brain storm and create solutions in how the issue can be solved. Putting things into perspective to ensure the short term and long term goals are met. This process can be time consuming, however it holds the key in finding the actual solution to the problem. I am detailed in this process I allow myself to free my mind when writing these steps because it serves as the blue print to my issue. I felt as though my life was going nowhere and it made me feel less of myself knowing all the potential I had. I was quite curious to find out new ways to help me achieve my degree so I created short term and long term goals to guide me towards my success. The ability to observe and pin point my issue made the process a whole lot easier. The feeling of not being worthy began to weigh on me and that was my imperfection so I created a solution to fix it. Because of this I am where I am at today a prod student of the University of Phoenix. It took some time however I asked question and gather ideas from my family and friends, which was helpful in my situation of wanting to earn my degree. I visited numerous schools and acted upon suggestions from family and friends. My parents expressed their