Settings For Exercise

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Settings for exercise
The environment in which people choose to exercise varies according to their needs. These may include availability of facilities, costs, availability of time and lifestyle.
Community facilities
For many people exercising at home may be the most functional choice. Options include running, cycling, home gyms and fitness DVDs. The main disadvantage of exercising at home is trying to maintain motivation to exercise regularly on their own.
Fitness centres and personal trainers
For many people fitness centres are the preferred way of exercising. Fitness centres should offer a range of fitness classes such as body combat, Pilates, circuit training, resistance training, aerobics etc. Classes are generally graded to suit varying degrees of fitness and ability. Commercially run fitness centres should employ qualified staff. Many other crèches, nutritional advice and fitness consultants. Fitness consultants usually work for themselves and offer individual, personalised training. Both fitness centres and fitness consultants are expensive.
Exercise clubs
Exercise club are a relatively cheap way of exercising with people that share a familiar interest. Common types of exercise clubs include running, swimming, dancing and bush walking. Most exercise clubs meet weekly or fortnightly and are valued for the social interaction as well as fitness benefits.
Cultural groups
Australia is a multicultural society. Cultural groups offer the opportunity in activities