Seventeen Traditions Essay

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Textual Analysis: The Seventeen Traditions

Ralph Nader's Seventeen Traditions, published in 2007 is a short and slim 150 page novel. Nader was born and raised in Winsted, Connecticut and is an American political activist, author, lawyer, and lecturer. Nader reflects on the seventeen traditions that shaped his life as a child of Lebanese immigrants, growing up in a small town. The traditions reveal the importance of social values and the role families play as the transporter of those values which explains Nader's purpose that, traditions offer guidance and inspiration for the parents, children and grandchildren of today. This novel not only reveals much about Nader's own life and values, it also challenges the reader to
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This pleasant time seemed like a reward for the week's hard work. Conversation is spontaneous and unpredictable and discussion between bites is always fun, and often interspersed with periods of laughter.

Favouritism of children is a problem that exists in many households and can lead to horrible consequences such as withdrawal, sadness and shattered self confidence. My parents both grew up in large families with 5 siblings each and had to learn from a young age about the importance of treating every child equally. My mother has always felt that she was treated unfairly by her parents growing up and has suffered bitter resentment towards her mother. Her upbringing has made her a better parent to us and she has always treated us fairly unless one of my siblings was sick and needed attention. Just like Ralph's mom states, “Children understand that, in any given circumstance, their parents might need to show one of their siblings special treatment.” My parents never compared us against one another and split their time equally at our sporting events. I strongly believe that the reason we developed such strong relationships is because we were all given an equal opportunity and fair chance. We do not resent or envy each other and we would go to great lengths in order to help each other succeed.

In today's society I believe that children are not expected to work at an early age and